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5 more days

school is almost over.
i cant wait. i wont have to worry about geting up in the moring..
or put up with all the people i hate..or doing work.
i love that durring the summer you barely have to use your brain at all.
i have no idea what to do with my time though..
i cant get a job, my mom is having a surgery and i have to be around alot
...durring the day
hayleigh isn't even going to be in the same state.
and im sure alot of the people i know arn't going to be around much either.
so im still trying to figure out what to do.
//there is absolutely nothing to do lately..
i wish hayleigh was still over on michell st.
then i would have something to do.
today was wierd. i fell asleep in my first class.
i was way tired. every now and then i realized that i was falling asleep
but i obviously didnt care.
i got an A+ on that essay i was typing at 3 a.m. hah.
i think that should surprise me, but it doesnt.
from that point on i don't recall anything of a remote interest.
my friend sarah from guam should be arriving today i believe.
i hope i get to hangout with her while shes here.
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