lish (defunct_rose) wrote,

gasoline and cigarettes

well last night i hung out with hayleigh at the spectrum
her mom keeps saying they are leaving later and later
so now shes leaving on tuesday
i dont mind tho..
i think her mom should just decide not to leave at all
we decided that by the time we actualy get jobs
all our money is gon go to gas and cigarettes
which is predictable
the spectrum is so boring. i wish i could drive
that would definately make my weekends alot more entertaining
we talked to more people than usual tho
and no one asked if we were lesbians
got plenty of entertaining looks tho
people are so amusing
these 3 little kids gave us a nickname
we are lexlishous lol funny funny
numerous kids tried to sell us tickets to their shows n shit tho
which is funny cos i had exactly one penny on me
dont think i could buy tickets
i really dont want her to leave
we saw nick and the guy who kicked over her cousins snaple
and they think he wants to kill them they call him blood
i dont know why i think thats so funny but i do
i saw a cute asian girl with zebra creepers.
it was so fuckin hot.. like whoa.
some one please buy me zebra creepers i will love u forever!
i guess thats all i gota say.
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