June 8th, 2003

Explosions In The Sky

Tonight was so fucking awesome. be envious, very envious. i went to see explosions in the sky with my friend josh and his friends. it was so fun. i used so much hairspray before i left.haha. we were really early so we got to sit on this big leather couch. then we all bought shirts mines green,and i think every one got them in pink and green. Explosions was soo amazing i cant even believe it. they were so crazy and energetic it was great. they were completely incredible. i think what made it even better was the fact that it was such a small venue and not a very large group of people and they were all into it. it made it alot more comfortable. afterwards we were all just smiling especialy josh hes so animated. afterwards we went to tapioca express and got drinks.. and sat.. and talked.. and then we started driving and josh realizes he doesnt have his diesel jacket and got a little worried... i would too its a very coo jacket. so then we drove back cos he left it at tapioca. im so glad i got to go. its nice to have so much fun after alot of stress. i have alot of work to do but im not really worried about it. tomarrow i think im going to see hayleigh, my love, hopefully. shes moving away and i dont know what to do.

[[love]] Lish WeBB
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    explosions in the sky

unfortunate demise

well this weekend is over. bummer. i know all i have to look forward to is massive amounts of work.. almost finals. uck. i havent finished my essay, good thing its not due tomarrow. i didnt get to see hayleigh, it makes me sad. i dont want to go to school tomarrow. im so glad its almost over. i have no idea what to do over the summer. i probably will have to take geometry again thats what... i hate that class.
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