June 9th, 2003

peace and delay

Well today i was a cross between relaxed and stressed...pretty opposite. i was sooo bored at school i cant even believe it. there was nothing to do.. i have alot of work but durring class its just cold and scilent. i hated it. my english class has just been one essay after another. i have to type one right now but im procrastinating sort of. art was great though. it was soo nice just to go sit, draw, listen to music, talk to josh and russ, for 2 hours. its always nice. russ is so funny he has those of those back-in-the-day stories but they arn't corney, just amusing. we wore our explosions shirts it was so cool we matched//yeah rockin the explosions shirts.. too cool. we listen to the cd of that other guy that played.. i wasn't really into it at the show but i actually like it. i guess i wasn't in the mood or something. i have so much work to do i better get to it.
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