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fucking shit [18 Jun 2003|09:41pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

so tomarrow le tigre is playing at the glasshouse.
me and kristin were gona go.
and she called and shes like
man the tickets are sold out.
so im like fuck.
so we are going to sit in front of the glasshouse.
i hope we do eventualy get it, but other than that today was soo boring
it was realy wierd tho cos i was in a shity mood
i was glad it was the last day of school tho.
and this guys mom gave me a ride home who used to be my neighboor
way back in the day
he was hayleighs step cousin when we were little
but then hayleighs mom and his uncle got a divorce.
im so miserable with out her.
i miss her soooooo much.
whats killing me more is the fact that i dont even get to talk to her at all.
i get so paranoid and think she probably doesnt even miss me. or shes just found some one new and less of a pain.
im so alone right now. its not even funny.

because the softest lips tell the most precious secrets

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