June 25th, 2003

great scott!

so last night i went out to dinner with the family.
my god, we act the same in public as we do at home
too much noise, too much arguing, and my dad continualy trying to annoy me.
so i stand up to leave and i bump into a waiter causing him to spill a drink,
great, and my aunt yanks me by the arm back to the table like a 2 year old.
i was so mad. then i noticed my little brother was smart enough to leave
quietly. so i went outside without knocking over any waiters to sit with my brother.
i think im almost done with the scarf i started knitting like 4 months ago hah.
i just never really find time for knitting amoungst everything.
but i really want to wear it so im determined to finish.
the night before last night i hung out with josh. it was fun. heh.
and today im not sure that im doing anything.
i need to buy my ticket for the locust.
i also need to find some one to take me. heh.
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