July 23rd, 2003

ooh pleeease.

[[I am currently addicted to Queer Eye, Nip/Tuck, and everything on the BBC]]

So yeah .. my cousin from colorado has been gone for a while.
However, when she was here she met my friend kristin... My dad said that she said she did not like Kristin???
So I was like What The FUCK?! that seriously bothers me just simply because kristin is my best friend and she was so nice to that stupid hick. And lets face it the bottom line is kristin fuckin rocks. So today me and my mom were in the grocery store...
me- so heidi said she didn't like Kristin??
mom- thats what your dad said she said.
me- what the hell.. i don't get it.
mom- shes just a wierd negative person.
me- yeaah. cos seriously who doesn't like myyy kristin?
mom- I know.

hahahah. It makes me laugh so hard thinking about how much my family likes her.
While I'm on the topic of white trash such as my cousin I guess I should mention the fact that I totaly want that game Big Motha Trucka or whatever its called. looks soooo funny!!
I should also mention that the white trash fashion disaster I must refer to as my "cousin" is in no way blood related. I'm glad. I never really got along with her. Her sister is way cooler.

While I'm on the subject of family I might note that im changing my last name from Capalety to Copaletta. My great grandfather's name was Salvatore Copaletta. I think immigration changed the name when he came to america. I totaly dig copaletta and if im not offending any family by doing so then I will change it back.

Currently I am reading catch 22. I have found this book so far to be terribly amusing. Its good, but I really need to finish it. I have so much reading to do before the summer is over.

Tonight was Plot and circle at che. I wanted to go, but I'm not there. That is believable on a count of my laziness. oh well.
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