February 25th, 2004

XoSoCoBaBeXo: its good to see you happy

I had a really good day today. i can't even describe why, i was just really happy and relaxed.

Today in algebrea 2 manni and some other guy were discussing how hot this girl melody is. A few minutes later this guy walks in and melody and 2 other girls jump up and run to him and hug him and talk to him.. i supposed he could of been sterotyped as an "emo" kid. Then manni and this guy look really confused, and manni says "dayum dawg, do you really have to look that gay to get girls?!". hahahaa. Man those hip-hop kids crack me up.

I really do hate high school though, for so many reasons. its pointless to even list why. it just sucks on many levels. Yesterday some bitchy sub took my cd player and i have no idea what she did with it... i don't like saying things to teachers though so just let her take it. I suppose that sort of shit helps her fall asleep easier at night, knowing she had some pathetic form of authority over a teenager...... yeah.. some teachers really are that pathetic, im sure of it.
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    frank sinatra- strangers in the night