March 1st, 2004

check it out.

ooh new layout.
it reminds me of chocolate.
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    cursive "excerpts from various notes strewn around the bedroom of apil connolly, feb 24, 1997"

last night i barely slept at all, but what was spent sleeping was worth it.

i love my dreams hah.
so last night i kept waking up but when i finally did fall asleep i had this really interesting dream. Natalie and I were in the P.E. locker room dressing out and there was a storm coming so they told us not to dress out cos we had to evacuate and it was reallly dark inside but there was also a tv. So she and I got back in our clothes but we didn't want to leave because edward scissorhands and the pink panther were on the tv. So we hid in the dark and watched it. But after a while we kind of thought we should go since there was a storm... and we got really scared tho and started screaming and ran out side and when we pushed the doors open and stoped because it was completely dakr outside, in mid day, but the sky was an electric blue color and it was pooring rain. We walked around the corner and saw a few people sitting in coverd areas near lamps here and there and then we sat down next to this teacher. The teacher was just sitting there with this really nice camera taking pictures of the sky and we talked to him about his camera. It was strange how it was supposed to be an emergency yet everyone was sitting around relaxed and staring at the sky and then rain. Then i went towards where the gym is and Ricky was standing there.. and i talked to him for a while and he said he would go with me to get my stuff from the locker room so i could leave. Then when I got there he left and inside people were scraping algie off the walls from the water which had flooded the building. Tony was inside sitting there laughing at the people for stupid reasons and i sat down and we made fun of them and laughed.

THEN i woke up.
yesi have the longest dreams ever.
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    the wonderful mix cd josh made me last year that im still not sick of