March 6th, 2004

behind the daylight.

Last night I watched Lost In Translation, it was cute. I liked it, but it was kind of slow. I had a really nice day today though I sat around for a while then Bryan came over and we went to greene. He drives, its funny. I wonder if it will be funny when I drive. After that I decided to walk to Brindle's Book store and ask for an application instead of sitting around. The lady took my number because they were out of applications but she said they needed a few people right away so the manager would "give me a call", yess! that would be so sweet. I like walking around its fun iI think when I get older I'm going to just walk around on weekends. Instead of driving around in my car and geting fat picking up dry cleaning and that sort of thing. Its nice to just walk around when your doing something small. I notice things more that way. I don't really like being around my house so much because my parents get annoying after a while and the argue too much. But then I can't really think of anything to do. I can't seem to think of too many people i could have fun with right now. I guess theres not much i can do about that. I still had a nice day though.
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    the new pornographers- the end of medicine