March 20th, 2004


so, i have had such a good time lately, and its made me so happy.
there are certain consequences to my being happy tho..
such as, i have been happy beacause i have been focusing on spending time with my friends and keeping myself busy. So this means i am geting straight d's and and 2 f's!!! shit, it seems i cant just try to be happy without fucking something up.

but on another note the social aspect of my life has been very proseperous lately. I have been hanging out with this girl Sarah from my school and shes way nice and cute and coooool. so its good. we steal lucas' stencils and make shirts and have fun, so lucas hates it. last week i didnt do a single thing in school, i just read, and hung out. it felt too depressing to focus on anything. But now im starting to do some work again cos i am getting tired of being such a big disappointment!
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sleepovers and fun kids<3

So thursday was Sarah's birthday! Sarahbelle_du_jour, her boyfriend Ryandontmeanathing, her cousin ameliasexmemarkrenton, our freind courtneycurvesofurlips,and I went to BJ's pizza it was fun. and her boy is really cool and way nice.
Last Night Sarah, Ryan, Tonydanseinmisery, and I went to seen Dawn of the Dead. And we couldn't get in so we went to Tower and looked at movies and we ended up not geting any of the ones we wanted and going to my house and eating and watching "What Dreams May Come" and "Cold Creek Manor". Courtneydoyoueverfeel came over too. Then courtney and Tony went home and Sarah and Ryan ended up spending the night and it was soo funn especially waking up with these too silly kids in my bed. hah. now im ather house and were goin to go some where hopefully.
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    elliot smith- needle in the hay