March 25th, 2004

Sorry tony i love you.

So today was really lame but im glad the week is almost over already. its nice when it goes by some what quickly. I am currently painting a picture of a naked woman for my lesbian art teacher from 8th grade. its her birthday tomorrow but i wont be done for a few days.

TOday after school natalie and tony were waiting outside my class. they wanted to go to robeks and then my house or something but i kind of said i had a lot of work to do and i didnt think they could come over... so when we got to redhill i decided to just leave and i walked off with tony in mid-sentence and i think he was pretty mad. But i had to go home i had so much to do. but i now realized that was really mean, but i am mean when im stressed out.. Sorry tony i looooove you.

so many things going on right now and no real sense of happiness but i dont even really understand what that is anyway. i hope my plans work out for this weekend at least then i can feel content.