March 28th, 2004

adventures and horrors

Ok well today and tonight were really really interesting i had a really fun time today and a really crazy evening which has not technically ended yet.

this morning i got up and went to star bucks and met up with my friend kit then we went to western bagel and talked for a while. after that we stopped by sarah's house and hung out for a bit and on the way we saw my friend andrew and he like got out of the car he was in while it was at a red light to wave at me i thought that was pretty funny. after sarah's we went to my house. on the way we saw where the side walk ends and a turtle in the middle of some ones lawn eating it. we listened to A silver mount zion at mi casa and then walked to get lunch after a while. it was fun cos we walked around so much and no one ever wants to do that sort of thing except for sarah usually. But I'm just the type of person that likes to get out and do shit instead of waiting for the 'opportune moment' i suppose. but it is nice to just be lazy sometimes too. so we ate at jalepenos. and walked back to my house after a while bryan and his friends justin and james came to get kit and they left.


sarah, ryan, courtney, and alex walked over. we watched the goonies and talked for a while but then we realized that i had all this cereal and junk that needs milk.. and we were out! so at like 10:50 sarah and ryan and i walked to ralphs but it was closed so we walked to albertsons and bought milk and it was pretty creepy walking around cos it was dark and deserted. and naturally we endend up talking about suicides and car accidents and scary movies.
So we finally got back to my house and we started eating and the other courtney calls and she sounds really distressed and it freaked me out and shes like yelling and i could barely understand what she was saying. she said something about a guy following them and tony wanted to drive and can we please come over. and i was like yeah its ok but i thought maybe they were just paranoid. Then we go stick our heads out the door to see where they are and i just see this van on the corner with a man looking towards my house.. and then courtney and tony pull up and he goes past them and yells and speeds up and turns around, so i turned the porch light off and they rand inside panting we were all panicking.. so we sat inside and they told us how the guy started to follow them in front of tony's house and then tony and ryan went out to see if he was still there and i was just scared because i was sure this psycho still was. but gladly he wast not. then tony and courtney left and sarah and ryan did shortly afterwords and now i am all by myself and this psycho could still be around.. that really freaks me out. I don't think im going to be able to walk around at night much now, cos that thought will cross my mind. The WORLD is INSANE.
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