March 29th, 2004

dawn of the dead

Yesterday I saw Dawn of the Dead. It was really really funny. and gross, but it didn't really scare me and it wasn't that great. It can't even compare to 28 Days Later. Those types of movies always make me think about mass extinction and i hate thinking about that sort of thing. It is way too depressing.

I am so bored right now and the heat is so awful I'm glad the ac is working.

Today I was supposed to turn in a really late essay on Julius Ceasar, but I didn't do it again. So I showed my teacher my rough draft first paragraph and she gave me a 25 out of 50! hah. I was so excited about that. Some people write whole essays and dont get much better than that. I love favoritism. but I think she did that strictly because I'm failing and she does not really want to fail me.