May 23rd, 2004

Lost in the desert?

I had a good weekend. It was fun and relaxing for the most part. Today I felt really sad all day tho, I watched Donnie Darko again. I didn't get any of the paintings done for my english class, but I will eventually. Josh took Sarah and I to see The Microphones tonight. I love being around josh it was fun. I didn't get to see The Microphones though because they got stuck in the desert some where and are probably still on the way to Koo's. I had to go home because I really couldn't stay that long. It was rather disappointing but no ones fault. I felt bad for Daniel because he looked so petrified when he had to announce that to everyone. shit happens. I was glad to see my friends though and I bought Mirah while I was there!<3. Josh let me borrow the lost patrol too. So tonight I,m going to fall asleep very relaxed. Bryan smelled really good too. He didn't believe me but, he did, I completely enjoyed his scent the whole time. hah.
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    Mirah- cold cold water