June 10th, 2004

I can't really tell if it is summer or fall.

It feels like both. I know that it is almost summer, but it feels somewhat like fall. Everything is too relaxed to be fall though.I had A nice day, I watched Donnie Darko, my dad bought it(yay). He came over, it was funny. melody and dallas were over. I did not get anything academic done. I don't care either. I talked to my friend kyle last night, haven't seen him in forever.Rode my bike to sarah's and we walked to get her bike from her dad's house. Then we rode them too block buster and rented movie, and went back to my house, it felt so unrealisticly good. I don't know how to describe that any further, everything was beautiful but I don't know that I believed it. I want this summer to be eventful, and memorable, but most of all I want it to feel real.
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    shit from donnie darko stuck in my head<3