August 2nd, 2004

such a good start.

I have a wireless signal! amazing. I am loving this vacation already. sarah and I are somewhat soar from being tossed around in an intertube on the lake. It was quite funny on the ride up here to hear my brother listening to terror, hes 11. but yay im having fun on a vacation, with my family, its a miracle! Im going to sleep. I wish I could feel so good all the time.
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    bright eyes- i watched you taking off

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I am soooo sore right now, but still enjoying myself. Every one is so pleasant. its cute. water skis are so fucking fun, paul was driving and spun around and i wasn't exactly expecting it and i flew into the air and died and shit.. it was so funny though i was laughing in the water and i coulnt get back on because i kept falling. I wish i could stay here longer. The people we know that have a house on the water stay all summer, they are really funny too.
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    tv on the radio- the wrong way