August 13th, 2004

always somethin there to remind me.

I have had a really good couple of days.
Ryan came to visit yesterday cos hes going back to school pretty soon. He lucas, and lucas' friend casey picked me up and we went to the spectrum to shop and see the village again. my twin visited us while we were there.<3. later lucas, ryan and i road bikes around town and bought cake mix. Some people shouted and waved at us so apparently tustin crew has fans. mhm. they spent the night and we watched 13 going on 30! and baked the cake. I wrote happy troll on it. and lucas and i danced to 80s music. in the morning we watched cruel intentions :(. This afternoon they left and i was pretty lazy all day.

at 7 sarah came over we left to ride bikes at 8 and went to this park we dont usually go to. They were happening to have a movie in the park night so we watched homeward bound for a bit and ran into some kids from school. then we went to kmart and got icees. my mom called me to see if i wanted to watch this 1986 movie called Nothing In Common with tom hanks. It was really good. I watched more than one sad movie in a day, and that must be bad for you cos it made me pretty sad.

I think i want to get a pet, but i some times get an urge to get a pet. but then i realize i dont know if i could really take care of anything cos i hate smells and mess. so naturally i dont think i could have a dog or a cat. i like them though. i like birds too but they are noisey. maybe i will get an iguana.