October 25th, 2004

I'm back

I think it is so amazing that I haven't used livejournal at all since school started. I have no idea how that happened. Its actually pretty lame since I'm sure there was plenty to write about. I was sick again this week, first time since that last entry. I think its funny how I can't go more than 2 months without being sick.

It smells like swiss army in my room right now, i have no idea why. and it is really really bothering me. The only person I know who wears that has not been here since friday and probably won't ever be here again. I have noticed that I link scents to memories more than anything else. Like songs or places don't really stand out but scents always make me think of something specifically.

I don't go to Tustin High anymore. I started Independent Studies a few weeks ago. I like it a lot and I'm still always busy but not in school so thats good.

There has been some drama around me and I really don't care for that brand of bullshit, but people seem to think I do. I have been spending most of my time with Paul and Tony. Its quite fun, but I haven't really spent any time with sarah in forever. It's weird because I used to spend so much time with her. For a while now I've been spending all my time with guys. I thought maybe it was just impossible for me to get along with anyone of the same sex, until last week. I hung out with this girl Kristin and we have been hanging out a lot since then, it's a relief.

For some weird reason Tony has seemed more human lately, can't describe it but it is very interesting to witness. I feel like I'm wrapped up in a cycle right now, I'm dizzy. I need to wake up in the morning and do things differently. Or maybe the scent in my room is just making me feel suffocated. I'm not sure but I need something.
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