March 2nd, 2005

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Over the weekend I had about five hours of sleep and 7 hours of work, now I'm sleeping in an awful lot durring the week. I went to ikea and bought lots of wonderful things with taryn the other day. I really want to find a desk job. I hate the hours that I have at the pharmacy.

Last night I had 3 dreams. In the first one me and a few other people were in greene records but it wasn't really greene and if you walked out the back dor there was this beautiful tropical city and an ocean. I wish this was so cos I live right down the street from greene. In the second one I went to see HIM and Ville Valo wanted to make me his pa for some reason, I could dig that. In the other one I dreampt that the inside of my house looked like my aunts old appartment and we had this room I never noticed and I decided to make it my bedroom.

I'm tired and I love my room. I'm off to pick up sarah then I have work in 4 hours.
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