March 24th, 2007

I love antique shops

Recently I went to a garage sale and bought a set of 6 gold rimmed martini glasses thinking I could find a tray and glass bottle to go with them and it would just be a cool thing to have around. I don't live on my own but i just love collecting shit so whatever. I went antique shopping with my mom yesterday and we found a peeerfect mirrored tray and bottle after much searching to go along. I also found a japanese paper wallet. She also went to a garage sale a couple weeks ago and bought me a dope ass trunk. I'm thinking about painting it but i kinda like it the way it is... Collapse ) I'm also starting a new job on Monday which i'm really excited about because i really need to have my own money and a work schedule again. I'm going to be busy but it will be worth it.
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