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Reasons why I hate that summer is almost over...

So i realized today that this summer is going by depressingly fast. I have less than a month left. There were a number of people that i really like but never hung out with more than once or twice. I didn't even notice that until now.. I don't even see how that happened. The list is too long.. even some of my best friends i barely hang out with. You are most likely on the list.

so things to do before school//

hang out with people on my list

get a job!!!

shop a lot.

I have been home since 8 this evening by the way
It was a complicated change of plans, as always with my family. We ended up cleaning the house we stayed at and leaving aroud 2 something.. I feel really bad we left when the Robins weren't even home so we didn't get to say bye and im goin to miss them :(. The vacation was good, i wish i hadn't slept in so much. Im glad to be home but i some what wish i was still in bass lake.
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