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Le Tigre

Oh man. Last night fucking rocked so hard.
Kristin and me went to the glass house with no tickets.
And these girls agreed to take off their wrist bands and
Send them back outside with their friend for us.
And we only had to give them 10 bucks. It was so cool
And Le Tigre was awesome but we were stuck dancin in the back
cos there was no room in the front. But it was fun.
And we went outside and we were walking and some one is like hey!!
And we are like huh and 2 guys and this other girl were calling us.
And they were like omg we just wanted to tell u guys that you’re really
beautiful and we noticed u all night and we had to talk to u. and Kristin's like
omg that's the best thing I have ever heard so we stopped and introduced ourselves.
And those guys were so cute.
But I was so absent-minded. I only remember that Tim, Brittany, Julia, Travis, and matt were the names of some of the people who introduced themselves. But I can’t barely even remember anything else. I do remember that Tim's friend talked a lot and he was really funny. But what the hell we talked to him the most and I cant remember his name!!!
I hate how my brain does that. And like before we left Tim kissed my hand. It was so cute.
I'm so glad we actually got in. and I saw hayleigh's sister's friend Isabel. She’s coo.
FUCK and last night when I was doing my hair I dropped a can of aqua net on my little toe and now it’s purple and swollen. Think I broke it!!!
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