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woah man

so today i just like rolled outa bed and got clean.
then kaitlyn called.
we went and saw alex and emma.
it was a cute movie.
then she came to my aunts house with me and met my family.
they were too obnoxious tonight so that was nice.
My aunt just moved into a cute 1920's spanish style house in sanat ana.
so we had to walk over to meet her friends the the house around the corner.
this was one of the houses she was thinking about buying herself.
but she bought the other one and now these 2 realy nice gay guys are living there.
i cant believe what they have done with it. its sooo gorgeous.
oh man and one of them said that me and kaitlyn looked like models.. lol
and the other one thought we were in our mid-twenties?
i was laughing so hard, it hurt. lol
but i guess its nice to know what i can get away with these days.
we were at my aunts for like hours.
so right now im bored, i miss hayleigh, and i am quite tired.
so i guess thats all for now.
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