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Paul says I have a lot of del taco, or self respect, one of the two.

Last night i stayed over at karyn's house. It was pretty fun in general, besides neil hating on me. i think i enjoyed myself a little more when there were less people around but i'm supposing that was just my mood. i adore karyn (thank you so much my dear and im still so so sorry). This morning karyn, paul, and i had breakfast at coco's,then went to tower, my house, and tall mouse. It was a fairly eventful day considering the fact that we slept through half of it and i still feel like shit. right now i am extremely behind in school and i am not sure just when i plan on catching up. I have work tommorrow, i'm so tired, and i am just hoping that i will be in a better mood when i wake up.

</3 lish
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