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New hair>Kristin///Boba>Ryan.

so last night kristin came over.
and she spent the night.
it seems everytime we hangout somethin new happens to my hair.
now i have shor short modish hair with thick karen o bangs and a side fashion hawk.
at like 12 when she finished we went to buy hair dye
so the back is bleached blonde and so is the fashion hawk.
oh man. i love my hair.
and i burned a ton of her cds.
we were supposed to go to the swap meat with her friend,
but we woke up waaaay late cos we only slept like 2 hours.
so we went to breakfast instead.
then i went home and fell asleep for a couple hours.
then i was like ahh boredom.
So ryan came over and we washed his car.
and then we sat in my room while i made him a mix tape.
then we went to alex's house.
and alex was so awake and stuff.
it was coo. and i watched all of the video from the show that alex's band played.
The Night Grows Cold..
woah they are soo good. visit their site.
so after a while ryan,alex,alex's brother jason,and i went and got boba.
alex and jason never had boba before, so it was a fun expierience lol.
they were quite wierded out.
after so much they decided they couldnt take it anymore.
and ryan decided to go around in circles infront of their house instead of stoping.
i didnt think he was going to stop. we got sooo dizzy.
it was funy tho.
it was so fun. i have had a good 2 days.
i want to go see the red light sting on july 10th and i have to figure out who the hell will take me.
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