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I like looking through old lj entries saved in my memories. I think thats because it is so much easier to remember good times you've had with some one than it is to remember the bad ones. All I know is that people require this thing called "space" sometimes. And other times people just grow apart.
It is good to know that for right now there are certain people that I feel I will never grow apart from. Ryan came up this weekend and I feel like a complete idiot for thinking he was mad at me over nothing for so long but I am definately glad he isn't.

This week sarah and I stopped talking over an argument we had before leaving for a bike ride. What she doesn't know is that I was not actually mad because of anything that happened in that argument. I think our relationship is comparable to Felix and Oscar of the original Odd Couple. In the movie Oscar freaks out and throws a plate against the wall of his appartment because he is furious with Felix for not going to dinner with 2 women in their building with him. But what he is really mad about isn't just the girls thats only one part. He is mad because Felix has driven him COMPLETELY INSANE for the past 3 weeks of them living together ALLL THE TIME. Now I admit it is probably my fault for not attempting to talk about this sooner before I for instance "Threw a plate" but thats what happened.

I don't know if or when our friendship will continue. but if it doesn't than I guess it wasn't really worth it in the first place. I can still remember all the good things.
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