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I just got home.
Josh picked me up and took me to get my ticket for blood brothers tomarrow.
then we went and saw 28 days later.
that movie was intense. im not sure what i would do put in a situation like that..
try to survive... or kill myself.. its a tough decision.
im glad i don't have to worry about it.
it was so great though they play godspeed when the guy is like walking through the deserted streets of london.
apparently there is a tea station at the spectrum, so we got boba.
and then i came home.
i cant wait for the show tomarrow. i dont know what to wear though..
i must shop!
but the thing is i am beyond poor. there is literally no income in this household right now.
and my dad says my social life is causing an economic crisis.
oh well what can you do.
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