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The Blood Brothers

Well yesterday I was really sad.
So I wasn't expecting to have a real good time at the show.
But it was just so much fun.
I don't think its possible for me to not have fun when I’m with Josh and Kristin.
We were driving through 'little Ethiopia' on the way there.
Of course almost every restaurant has a sign that reads "Ethiopian cuisine"
So josh turns down the volume and he’s like "wait is it just me or does Ethiopia have no food?! I mean what would they serve if they have Ethiopian cuisine air on a plate? And fuck if they have Ethiopian food why don't they send it to Ethiopia where they need the food?!"
Kristin and I were laughing soo hard. Josh is so silly.
The show was really fun though. The blood brothers fuckin rock. I love them.
I love dancing; I love dancing with Kristin. She’s so hot. She owns you.
I saw Bryan May. He’s a cool cool kid.
While the blood brothers were playing it started getting really hot, and I started to get really dehydrated. I'm pretty surprised I didn't pass out actually cause now that I think about it... I was really out of it.. and I couldn't feel anything. I was hallucinating too. but yeah. a good majority of the time the only person I could find was Bryan cos I could remember his shirt.
I wish they would have played "kiss of the octopus" and "the shame" though.
there were a few people in the crowd hxc dancing too. i couldn't get over it.. tooo funny.
I mean seriously who fuckin hxc dances at a blood brothers show?
the red light sting show on the 10th is 21+ so I think I’m going to the show on the 11th with Josh's friend Rachel.
afterwards.... I was in desperate need of water so we got water then we got back on the free way and Josh is like "OH FUCK IM SOO OUT OF GAS!" soo we got off and found a gas station. Josh just so happened to be driving his parents' car, which has an automatic alarm. So he gets back in the car and it locks and Josh is like "uh oh... where are the keys." And Kristin is like "jump around... maybe you will hear them". Nope. So Kristin says "well maybe you left them in the door, just open the door I bet that’s where they are." And josh is like " no cos what if they aren't and the alarm goes off?". So Kristin says " did you check your pockets?". Yep. So a few more minutes go by and Josh checks his back pocket and guess what he finds?? The keys!!! hahaha. Then he spends like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to turn off the alarm from inside cos the car won't start while its on. Then we get back on the freeway and Josh almost gets off on a wrong exit. And every time josh did something he knew was really stupid he started singing "where is love now ba ba .." To try and make it seem as if he didn’t do something very stupid.
And after all that guess who we see driving next too us? Rachel and Kathleen.
So Josh is like "oh hey look who it is.. That’s odd... wait we went through all that crap and they just now catch up to us.. shit they drive slow!!"
The evening was just filled with amusement.
and now i am aching with pain..
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