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funky dreams.

on monday i hung out with josh. we went to art,had boba,burned cds.
it was fun.and then last night i hung out with ryan,and listened to mars volta.
tonight kristin gets back. im so glad. things have been real dull. i think im spending the night at her house or something to that affect.but my relatives are here.and im supposed to have dinner with them of my other cousins was here like a week ago.and he was one of my cousins who i never got to know at all since he was so much older than me.and it was funny cos i talked to him a lot while he was here and he said something like "its so wierd being able to actually have a conversation with you since when i lived here you were like to young to even talk to." and i laughed because that was exactly what i was thinking. and he thought he made me mad or something. but i knew exactly what he was trying to say.
and last night...
i had the MOST UNUSUAL dream.
i cant really describe it because i can barely remember it.
i was at some random school i think.. and then i was at this wierd apartment.
and then i went back to the school and i met some really cute guy. and at some point durring the dream i was walking up and down the hall of the school lookin for this girl and then all of the sudden one of my teachers from 8th grade pops up and i was like oh man. hi. and then another teacher.. ms spiak who i had for yearbook was walkin behind her.. and ms spiak.. is a butch dike. i dont know of any other way to put it. and she was like my favorite teacher. in my dream she was like really tall, and then i was sitting with some people in the hall again and the cute guy runs up.. and says something and then leaves again. and then i woke up. it was a funky dream.. i wish i could remember the details.
Also i am currently very obsessed with the new show the queer eye for the straight guy. its so funny.
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