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I feel like im going through a bad divorce or something.
life sucks.
when am i going to feel better?!!!!
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so pack a change of clothes cause it's time to move on.

I just came home from one of the most torturous evenings of my life.
My best friend Sarah is moving, shes been sick all day. Clay and I packed up her whole room.
Her mom doesn't know why shes sad. I am just realizing that in a couple days if I feel like picking her up for dinner or something it can't happen. I'm going to see her in a couple weeks most likely in Texas. But what some people don't understand is that I am upset because I spend a majority of my time with her and shes always there for me unlike most of my friends. So when shes gone i really don't know what I am going to do.
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I desperately need a new car, it's almost funny.
I am very happy right now because sarah and I did some damn productive shopping today.
Last night andrew and I saw hitch, it was ridiculously cute.
I just realized that tommorrow I have class and other arrands to run and I don't know how thats going to work when I have been driving my moms car and she will be at work...
oh well I'm going to aunt deb's now, loving it.
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I'm sitting in my room with sarah and clay. We went to brunch a little while ago. Dodgeball didn't go down this afternoon because people we hung over and unorganized. Some day... The Capri's are going to strut their daisy dukes. last night was very fun. The only reason that I am not happy right now is because my baby is movin' to texas!! In a week, sarah will be gone and I don't know what to say.

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Over the weekend I had about five hours of sleep and 7 hours of work, now I'm sleeping in an awful lot durring the week. I went to ikea and bought lots of wonderful things with taryn the other day. I really want to find a desk job. I hate the hours that I have at the pharmacy.

Last night I had 3 dreams. In the first one me and a few other people were in greene records but it wasn't really greene and if you walked out the back dor there was this beautiful tropical city and an ocean. I wish this was so cos I live right down the street from greene. In the second one I went to see HIM and Ville Valo wanted to make me his pa for some reason, I could dig that. In the other one I dreampt that the inside of my house looked like my aunts old appartment and we had this room I never noticed and I decided to make it my bedroom.

I'm tired and I love my room. I'm off to pick up sarah then I have work in 4 hours.
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This weekend was amazing.
I love adventures with paul, scary movies with elyse, and my family.
I also love dogs, old friends and new ones. good times.
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Life is driving me insane right now. I need to make a list of why that is.
-Being a procrastinator.
-Having to work for the store instead of the pharmacy for the next week.
-Saying goodbye.
-Having a small ass paycheck.
-Figuring out how to get to my aunts Pimp and hoe birthday party and My friends last show, in the same night.

+Possibly getting a second job.
+Having wonderful friends.
+Getting along with the family.
+Looking forward to being sarah's winter formal date.
+Being able to relax after this next week.

I don't know if that last plus will happen it's going to be hard for me to survive this week.
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gooood stuff

So this past weekend was pretty wonderful. I went to sd on saturday and hung out with my friend ryan and the crush. We went to this sweet record store and I bought 2 cds that I had burned copies of, which were too scratched for listening. They were The Lost Patrol's Songs About Running Away and Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People. I have not been able to put them away since then. Later on Paul and Kyle drove down to hang out with us. That night I fell asleep in some ones arms and stayed that way. I highly reccomend sleeping with others.

The next day we went on Ryan's Dad's boat the whole day. It was a fun little adventure. we went from newport to longbeach and I took lots of pictures with my new sidekick.

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