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I chose to be a bum today. Im wearing pjs its 5:11, i never got around to straightening my hair. no one has called me. lucas did this morning actually. I need to wrap the few presents i already have purchased. i have a slight headache. i will probably be up all night doing nothing. The capitalized "i's" in this paragraph are way too random.
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"Now there are a lot of women out there who don't find jude law sexually attractive, they're called lesbians."

Paul says I have a lot of del taco, or self respect, one of the two.

Last night i stayed over at karyn's house. It was pretty fun in general, besides neil hating on me. i think i enjoyed myself a little more when there were less people around but i'm supposing that was just my mood. i adore karyn (thank you so much my dear and im still so so sorry). This morning karyn, paul, and i had breakfast at coco's,then went to tower, my house, and tall mouse. It was a fairly eventful day considering the fact that we slept through half of it and i still feel like shit. right now i am extremely behind in school and i am not sure just when i plan on catching up. I have work tommorrow, i'm so tired, and i am just hoping that i will be in a better mood when i wake up.

</3 lish
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I am soo crushing right now, eeek :)

Work sucks, but I love working with kelly.
Everyone should get their drugs at my pharmacy, cos i'm nice.
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and love said no

Last night tony, paul, and I saw HIM at the wiltern, it was kind of a foreign experience.
We sat in the lobby until HIM came on and we talked shit on almost everyone. IT was really that bad. I wish everyone had the pleasure of laughing at those people. Vile is amazing and I adored watching their set even though a drunken mother was screaming behind us.
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tony brings the mosh.

I woke up in my aunts house in san diego to my phone ringing..
I answer it and it Tony who happens to be sleeping on the couch in the room 15 feet away from me.
The funny thing is we continue to have a conversation for like 5 minutes until I decide to get up.

We saw Craddle/bt/arch enemy and missed himsa sadly. We didn't get any merch either cos it was fucking expensive. It was fun anyways just because.

Oh and im not down with smelly fat mexican metal kids from san diego, nor the 14 year olds who threw french fries at me while talking about straight edge...
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I can't even believe myself.

I'm stressing, only because I'm so stupid and I have been sooo lazy about school. My teacher even gave me extra time to do this research project and it is going to be late. I hate it when I do this sort of shit. It would have been so simple if I just did it when I was supposed to.

I have a job!
At Long's Drugs in the pharmacy. So I have work all day tomorrow, but I have a fucking job, amazing.

Tomorrow Tony and I are going to koo's unless we get lazy. I will definately do my project after that though.
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I'm back

I think it is so amazing that I haven't used livejournal at all since school started. I have no idea how that happened. Its actually pretty lame since I'm sure there was plenty to write about. I was sick again this week, first time since that last entry. I think its funny how I can't go more than 2 months without being sick.

It smells like swiss army in my room right now, i have no idea why. and it is really really bothering me. The only person I know who wears that has not been here since friday and probably won't ever be here again. I have noticed that I link scents to memories more than anything else. Like songs or places don't really stand out but scents always make me think of something specifically.

I don't go to Tustin High anymore. I started Independent Studies a few weeks ago. I like it a lot and I'm still always busy but not in school so thats good.

There has been some drama around me and I really don't care for that brand of bullshit, but people seem to think I do. I have been spending most of my time with Paul and Tony. Its quite fun, but I haven't really spent any time with sarah in forever. It's weird because I used to spend so much time with her. For a while now I've been spending all my time with guys. I thought maybe it was just impossible for me to get along with anyone of the same sex, until last week. I hung out with this girl Kristin and we have been hanging out a lot since then, it's a relief.

For some weird reason Tony has seemed more human lately, can't describe it but it is very interesting to witness. I feel like I'm wrapped up in a cycle right now, I'm dizzy. I need to wake up in the morning and do things differently. Or maybe the scent in my room is just making me feel suffocated. I'm not sure but I need something.
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