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06:39pm 28/08/2004
mood: bored
so i slept all week until last night. i woke up and went to see the cure, interpol, and cursive with my dear brother tony. It was a foreign experience you could say. I have never been to a big "concert" like that. It was a lot of fun tho. who could miss seeing fat mexican men smoking weed in the middle of a crowd? not me.

I am almost not sick anymore.. yessss.

Sadly school starts monday i am really unhappy about this but i have decided to try to enjoy the school year by keeping myself in a summer state of mind. or in other words i will go to school but not do anything school related outside school hours...no home work at all. I kind of pulled that off last year. maybe i can do it with more grace this time or better grades.
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05:30am 25/08/2004
  im sooooooo sick, so fucking miserable.
i have toncilitus(sp?) really bad this time and i had an allergic reaction to the goddamn medicine they gave me yay.
it keeps me up all night im so freaked out.
i feel like im dying.

i love my twin she came over and took care of me yesterday. shes amazing duh.i love it when my friends are so good to me when im sick it makes me feel better.
6 lies| because the softest lips tell the most precious secrets
always somethin there to remind me.   
12:06am 13/08/2004
  I have had a really good couple of days.
Ryan came to visit yesterday cos hes going back to school pretty soon. He lucas, and lucas' friend casey picked me up and we went to the spectrum to shop and see the village again. my twin visited us while we were there.<3. later lucas, ryan and i road bikes around town and bought cake mix. Some people shouted and waved at us so apparently tustin crew has fans. mhm. they spent the night and we watched 13 going on 30! and baked the cake. I wrote happy troll on it. and lucas and i danced to 80s music. in the morning we watched cruel intentions :(. This afternoon they left and i was pretty lazy all day.

at 7 sarah came over we left to ride bikes at 8 and went to this park we dont usually go to. They were happening to have a movie in the park night so we watched homeward bound for a bit and ran into some kids from school. then we went to kmart and got icees. my mom called me to see if i wanted to watch this 1986 movie called Nothing In Common with tom hanks. It was really good. I watched more than one sad movie in a day, and that must be bad for you cos it made me pretty sad.

I think i want to get a pet, but i some times get an urge to get a pet. but then i realize i dont know if i could really take care of anything cos i hate smells and mess. so naturally i dont think i could have a dog or a cat. i like them though. i like birds too but they are noisey. maybe i will get an iguana.
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Reasons why I hate that summer is almost over...   
12:07am 07/08/2004
mood: drained
So i realized today that this summer is going by depressingly fast. I have less than a month left. There were a number of people that i really like but never hung out with more than once or twice. I didn't even notice that until now.. I don't even see how that happened. The list is too long.. even some of my best friends i barely hang out with. You are most likely on the list.

so things to do before school//

hang out with people on my list

get a job!!!

shop a lot.

I have been home since 8 this evening by the way
It was a complicated change of plans, as always with my family. We ended up cleaning the house we stayed at and leaving aroud 2 something.. I feel really bad we left when the Robins weren't even home so we didn't get to say bye and im goin to miss them :(. The vacation was good, i wish i hadn't slept in so much. Im glad to be home but i some what wish i was still in bass lake.
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on tha road again   
11:30am 06/08/2004
  apparently im leaving here tonight,and i will be home at like 3 am? hah. any one wana go have breakfast? hah, no.  
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11:04pm 04/08/2004
mood: awake
So my vacation is really nice still, and the robins are really funny. Last night we ate at this wierd place called the forks.Things are good, all of the sudden i am feeling really fucking sad tho. I don't know how this comes on at all. feeling really lonely when im surrounded by people.. its just uncomfortable. so empty empty empty. I never really think anything is real, or anyone cares. I don't get me.

(i miss tony too!! i should have brought him with dammit!)
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10:30pm 02/08/2004
mood: sore
I am soooo sore right now, but still enjoying myself. Every one is so pleasant. its cute. water skis are so fucking fun, paul was driving and spun around and i wasn't exactly expecting it and i flew into the air and died and shit.. it was so funny though i was laughing in the water and i coulnt get back on because i kept falling. I wish i could stay here longer. The people we know that have a house on the water stay all summer, they are really funny too.
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such a good start.   
01:23am 02/08/2004
mood: tired
I have a wireless signal! amazing. I am loving this vacation already. sarah and I are somewhat soar from being tossed around in an intertube on the lake. It was quite funny on the ride up here to hear my brother listening to terror, hes 11. but yay im having fun on a vacation, with my family, its a miracle! Im going to sleep. I wish I could feel so good all the time.
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01:43am 30/07/2004
The \\
Last Cigarette:quite a while ago
Last Alcoholic Drink:don't drink
Last Car Ride:11:51 pm
Last Kiss:i don't remember
Last Good Cry:a couple days ago
Last Library Book:Julius Ceasar
Last book bought:Victor E. Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning
Last Book Read:Brave New World
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Napoleon Dynamite (again)
Last Movie Rented:The Dreamers
Last Cuss Word Uttered:fuck head
Last Beverage Drank:A vanilla milk shake
Last Food Consumed:curly fries
Last Crush:
Last Phone Call:CASEY!
Last TV Show Watched:winnie the pooh.
Last Time Showered:5:30 pm
Last Shoes Worn:those little asian shoes
Last CD Played:rjd2
Last Item Bought:milk shake
Last Download:cyndi lauper- time after time
Last Annoyance:she who i would rather not name
Last Disappointment:not hanging out with sooome oen
Last Soda Drank:sprite
Last Thing Written:night
Last Key Used:car key
Last Words Spoken:i love garfield.
Last Sleep:earlier today
Last Ice Cream Eaten:vanilla ice cream sandwich
Last Chair Sat In:the green one
Last Webpage Visited:live journal

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03:20am 23/07/2004
mood: awake
My friend Kyle has moved back from indiana or wherever the fuck he was living. I ran into him tonight at Pat and Oscars with sarah and amelia. He is going shopping with my mom and I tomorrow.

I have had a good time in the past couple weeks with different people. I don't think there is any need for detail about that. I actually like meeting people after the awkward silence fades and conversation gets going.

I bought myself an easel the other day. I am going to start painting more. I still haven't tried looking for a job again, im thinking about just breaking down and applying at party city. At least that way I could work with some one i know, brandon amey(yeowuh).
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03:10am 23/07/2004

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07:10pm 21/07/2004
mood: nauseated
I want to do things right now. I want to make things and read. I want to stop being so passive. I want to make good friends out of acquaintances. I want to be content with myself.
I just want to keep moving to feel better.
5 lies| because the softest lips tell the most precious secrets
I love the mindless interjections people make.   
12:43am 17/07/2004
mood: amused

"my insides are burning".

"sorry I am being an asshole" and he says, "thats chill thats chill".

"sex is good".

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02:47pm 13/07/2004
mood: blah
wow I am so bored and so lazy. I sleep all day lately because I can't think of anything I should be doing. I need to start doing things instead of just talking about doind thinngs. I got home from vacation on sunday. It was pretty fun. but I think I had more fun hanging out with tony for 72 hours straight. hah.
because the softest lips tell the most precious secrets
So today was awesome.   
10:23pm 07/07/2004
mood: good
Tony and I rode bikes everywhere.
I bought Joy Division's substance.
Then we went "shopping" and what I mean is we followe amy and sarah around south coast.
Now we are going to watch adaptation.
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12:13am 07/07/2004
mood: happy
Tony is asleep in my bed right now and I am about to go crash on the couch, apparently hes been adopted.

I saw Napoleon Dynamite with Clay today, so funny.
I love Kristin Condia.

(the end)
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03:10pm 28/06/2004
  "and I just felt like a fucking lesbian having any kind of relationship with him cos hes such a fucking pussy." -amelia

yeah, shes fucking hillaious
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09:25pm 13/06/2004
mood: sick
I am getting sick, this is quite unfortunate.
For those of you who don't know.. I was sick for most of the year, but I think I was going on a good 3 months of health and now it's fucked.

I watched High Fidelity Today and I think I just might watch it again before I go to sleep. I love that movie.
I have been pretty happy lately, and pretty sad. I think it is so lame how I am always up and down.
I love drinking chai tea when I am sick. I wish it was real medicine.

I have been having a lot of fun lately though...
+riding bikes with Sarah and watching good movies.
+seeing my twin, going to her grad party.
+liking her friends A LOT
+getting a long with the family at sunday dinner (first time in forever)

-feeling sick :(
-not seeing my otha brotha

3 more days and I am free
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I can't really tell if it is summer or fall.   
11:06pm 10/06/2004
mood: giddy
It feels like both. I know that it is almost summer, but it feels somewhat like fall. Everything is too relaxed to be fall though.I had A nice day, I watched Donnie Darko, my dad bought it(yay). He came over, it was funny. melody and dallas were over. I did not get anything academic done. I don't care either. I talked to my friend kyle last night, haven't seen him in forever.Rode my bike to sarah's and we walked to get her bike from her dad's house. Then we rode them too block buster and rented movie, and went back to my house, it felt so unrealisticly good. I don't know how to describe that any further, everything was beautiful but I don't know that I believed it. I want this summer to be eventful, and memorable, but most of all I want it to feel real.
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Unsolved Mysteries.   
09:01pm 02/06/2004
mood: Sad / confused
whaaat the fuck.
A little while ago I asked Tony to burn me his Interpol cd since I don't have a copy anymore, I handed it to him. He wiped it off and put it in the drive and then opened it again and the cd wasn't there any more... I thought it was jammed in the laptop.. but we shook it around and it wasn't there. We tore up my room... no cd. I seriously feel like I am in the fucking twilight zone or something. I really really like that fucking album too. The Borrowers are real!

Other than that school is almost over, 10 more days!
12 lies| because the softest lips tell the most precious secrets