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I want to do things right now. I want to make things and read. I want to stop being so passive. I want to make good friends out of acquaintances. I want to be content with myself.
I just want to keep moving to feel better.
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wow I am so bored and so lazy. I sleep all day lately because I can't think of anything I should be doing. I need to start doing things instead of just talking about doind thinngs. I got home from vacation on sunday. It was pretty fun. but I think I had more fun hanging out with tony for 72 hours straight. hah.
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So today was awesome.

Tony and I rode bikes everywhere.
I bought Joy Division's substance.
Then we went "shopping" and what I mean is we followe amy and sarah around south coast.
Now we are going to watch adaptation.
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Tony is asleep in my bed right now and I am about to go crash on the couch, apparently hes been adopted.

I saw Napoleon Dynamite with Clay today, so funny.
I love Kristin Condia.

(the end)
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"and I just felt like a fucking lesbian having any kind of relationship with him cos hes such a fucking pussy." -amelia

yeah, shes fucking hillaious

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I am getting sick, this is quite unfortunate.
For those of you who don't know.. I was sick for most of the year, but I think I was going on a good 3 months of health and now it's fucked.

I watched High Fidelity Today and I think I just might watch it again before I go to sleep. I love that movie.
I have been pretty happy lately, and pretty sad. I think it is so lame how I am always up and down.
I love drinking chai tea when I am sick. I wish it was real medicine.

I have been having a lot of fun lately though...
+riding bikes with Sarah and watching good movies.
+seeing my twin, going to her grad party.
+liking her friends A LOT
+getting a long with the family at sunday dinner (first time in forever)

-feeling sick :(
-not seeing my otha brotha

3 more days and I am free
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I can't really tell if it is summer or fall.

It feels like both. I know that it is almost summer, but it feels somewhat like fall. Everything is too relaxed to be fall though.I had A nice day, I watched Donnie Darko, my dad bought it(yay). He came over, it was funny. melody and dallas were over. I did not get anything academic done. I don't care either. I talked to my friend kyle last night, haven't seen him in forever.Rode my bike to sarah's and we walked to get her bike from her dad's house. Then we rode them too block buster and rented movie, and went back to my house, it felt so unrealisticly good. I don't know how to describe that any further, everything was beautiful but I don't know that I believed it. I want this summer to be eventful, and memorable, but most of all I want it to feel real.
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Unsolved Mysteries.

whaaat the fuck.
A little while ago I asked Tony to burn me his Interpol cd since I don't have a copy anymore, I handed it to him. He wiped it off and put it in the drive and then opened it again and the cd wasn't there any more... I thought it was jammed in the laptop.. but we shook it around and it wasn't there. We tore up my room... no cd. I seriously feel like I am in the fucking twilight zone or something. I really really like that fucking album too. The Borrowers are real!

Other than that school is almost over, 10 more days!
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